Custom-made lamellar and scale armours. I can provide you with any pattern on the plate, i.a. on the basis of archeological findings. For binding I mainly use real leather- mostly vegetable-tanned lining.  In case of armour of the eastern type, for manufacturing of the additional elements can be used  natural silk as well as cotton. Fastening in form of straps and forged buckles. I am open for any unusual orders of the lamellar armours.

For 18 years I have been making armor and clothes that are faithful reconstructions of historical monuments as well as fantasy and cosplay equipment. From the initial design phase, through the purchase of the best historical materials, to long-term and careful production keeping an eye on the smallest details. By choosing my offer you can be sure that I will approach your order with due diligence and I will make every effort to make you satisfied with the final result.

genuine leather
custom made